Product Innovations

The Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging seeks to develops the infrastructure and technological innovations to bring about a new model of aging. Revolutionary thinking must be used to enable this revolution in aging. A community with more walkers than strollers presents an exciting market opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, health service providers, engineers, and researchers to identify how their current business models and age-friendly product innovations can adapt to meet the new needs of the new aging paradigm.

The World Health Organization Global Forum on Innovations for the Aging Population encourages the development of innovations that integrate well with existing daily life. As such, the Institute believes that product innovations should be more about adaptions to existing familiar technologies, than creating new innovations specifically for older adults. We need to focus on accessible and desirable innovations that can work for people regardless of age and reduce isolation and strengthen independence. 

If this is a social vision and market opportunity you are ready to contribute to, we welcome you into our innovative and boundary-pushing businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact us to learn more about how we can collaborate to make your age-friendly product innovation a reality!

The Institute does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes or services. Please click here to view our full Disclaimer of Endorsement & Liability.

Our current product innovations:

Gero on DemandGero onDemand Prototype

A one-stop care coordination phone and web app for older adults.

Toilet Seat Weight Scale

This project is a collaboration with the Speed School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering Capstone Project where students developed a toilet seat weight scale for use with heart failure patients. The project will continue with the focus on developing a lab on a chip that can be used to do an urinalysis.