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The UofL Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging provides exposure to the latest innovations, resource, and interventions relating to aging. We invite you to explore the how the Institute can help you and/or those you care for to age optimally.

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The Participant Registry

The Institute manages a participant registry of older adults and families of older adults. This registry consists of individuals who have volunteered to participate in research and product testing conducted in the field of aging studies.

The registry allows the community to become actively involved with studies and innovations that can improve the health and well-being of older adults and their families.  As well, the registry enables such studies and innovations to more quickly reach the populations they are intended to help.

To learn more about how the Participant Registry can benefit you and those you love, click here.


 Optimal Aging Lecture Series

This series aims to highlight engaging and informative developments and services related to the field of aging. As with all of our programming, this Lecture Series is transdisciplinary, covering a wide variety of topics and disciplines including biomedical, physiology, legal, social work, international issues, business and more. This event is held in partnership with the UofL Alumni Association.

Click here to see the exciting lecture topics we have planned for the next several months!


Annual Optimal Aging Conference

The Optimal Aging Conference is a leading-edge conference for individuals dedicated to advancing an alternative paradigm for the aging field.  As such, this conference brings together diverse individuals, including academics, professionals, and community members, who are united by a view that aging is an opportunity, not a disease.
This conference supports the dissemination of diverse topics, such as biopsychosocial aging research, age-friendly product innovation, evidence-based practice and education models, and social service delivery.

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Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging

The Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging celebrates and honors older adults who embody the Institute’s vision for a world where all older adults lead engaged and flourishing lives.

This award recognizes older adults who are 85 years or older and who are outstanding models of optimal aging in the following four categories: physical, social, spiritual and creative.

To learn more about this year's event and to nominate yourself or someone who knows who is continuing to flourish, click here.


Transdisciplinary Care Coordination & Consulting

Organized around the Flourish Model of Care, the Flourish Program delivers free interdisciplinary patient-centered care coordination in the six rural counties of the GWEP grant. Serving rural adults who have two or more chronic conditions, the program seeks to decrease rural Kentucky’s chronic disease burden and increase supportive health management environments. If this is a service could benefit you or someone you know, contact us to learn more. This initiative is part of the Institute's GWEP program.

If you or someone you know is in need of dementia consultation, we offer support through our Memory 360 program. Contact us to learn if this is a service that could help you.


Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities

The Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC)  is a community-based coalition that seeks to develop the social networks and resources needed to promote geriatric workforce development in rural communities and to increase the community supports that help older adults in rural counties lead healthier lives. Click here to see what KCHC has available near you!