Funded Grants

Below are the current funded grants that the Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging is overseeing. We invite you to explore how you can become involved! Contact us if you would like to learn more about a particular grant. 


CDC Grant

Fund for the Arts

This project focuses on the establishment of a strategic partnership between Fund for the Arts, the Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging and the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence in order to create impactful strategic partnerships with arts organizations and individual artists to provide programs to leverage the power of the Arts to promote physical, emotional, and social healing for the following targeted older adult populations/initiatives:

1) Veterans;
2) Prisoners;
3) Intergenerational initiatives with at-risk youth;
4) People with dementia; and
5) Nursing home residents

HRSA I- Kentucky Rural & Underserved Geriatric Interprofessional Education Program (funded- $2.25 M)

This project addresses:

1) the shortage of the geriatric and primary care health workforce; 
2) the need to train a health care workforce that can deliver culturally appropriate services to the growing Hispanic population; 
3) the difficulties experienced in decreasing the chronic disease burden in rural KY; 
4) the lack of supportive rural environments to promote health, specifically for the older rural populations; and 
5) the need for ADRD Supportive Education and Resources.

Improved Health Outcomes Project (funded - $75,000)

This project created comprehensive, culturally sensitive preventative care systems and strategies for a Latino food pantry. This project has trained promoters to measure biomarkers of older adults using the food pantry.

KIPDA Needs Assessment

VA Medical Foster Homes for non-eligible veterans

This project will create an adult foster home providing safe, non-institutional care alternative for otherwise non-eligible veterans through a partnership with the Department of Aging and Independent Living and the KVCIC.