Community Projects

The Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging seeks to advance the optimal aging paradigm through a variety of transdisciplinary practice models. Below are the various community projects that stem from our core value of practice. We invite you to explore how you can become involved! Contact us if you would like to learn more about a community project. 

Intergenerational Communities

Creation of intergenerational village program that connects older adults with students. 

Intergenerational LGBT Project

This project focuses on connecting older adults to young LGBT community members to develop understanding and social support.

The Kentuckiana Veteran-Community Integration Coalition (KVCIC)

This coalition is comprised of several community, business and governmental organizations that support Veteran’s access to benefits and services available to them.

 Naturally Occurring Livable Communities

This project is to develop an intergenerational village program that connects older adults with caregivers (mother’s in recovery) in community pods. This project is being supported by the City of Louisville.

Psychological Non-Epileptic Seizure Project

This project is developing a protocol for non-epileptic seizure patents to accept diagnosis, provide therapies, and monitor outcome. Being conducted in conjunction with the Neurology department.

South Africa Child Headed Household Project

The Institute has taken students to South Africa to support an intergenerational project where older adults in a small community support child headed households due to the loss of parents from AIDS.

Wayside Christian Mission

This project is the implementation of plant-based food program for people in alcohol and drug recovery.

World Health Organization (WHO) Age and Ability Friendly City Application

Development of successful application to make Louisville a WHO Age and Disability Friendly City.

Optimal Aging Exercise Project

This project establishes a pathway for older adults with health complications either coming from a hospital or rehab setting  to enter into a physical exercise program in the community.