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The UofL Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging helps businesses and service providers leverage the financial and social opportunities of aging. We invite you to explore the how the Institute can help you better serve and reach your customers and clients.

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The Participant Registry

The Institute manages a participant registry of older adults and families of older adults. This registry consists of individuals who have volunteered to participate in research and product testing conducted in the field of aging studies.

The registry allows the community to become actively involved with studies and innovations that can improve the health and well-being of older adults and their families.  As well, the registry enables such studies and innovations to more quickly reach the populations they are intended to help.

To learn more about how the Participant Registry can help you better understand and improve the lives of your customers and clients, click here.


 Transdisciplinary Work Force Development

The GWEP Interprofessional Curriculum for the Care of Older Adults (iCCOA) is an interdisciplinary geriatric curriculum that seeks to educate a workforce to meet the health care needs of an older rural population with many and various challenges. iCCOA consists of 5 online didactic modules, geriatric rotations, and in-person case-based learning sessions. This initiative is part of the Institute's GWEP program.

If you are interested in learning how you can improve your career in the field of aging and/or improve your organization's ability to provide effective care to older adults, click here to learn more about our iCCOA professional training.


Annual Optimal Aging Conference

The Optimal Aging Conference is a leading-edge conference for individuals dedicated to advancing an alternative paradigm for the aging field.  As such, this conference brings together diverse individuals, including academics, professionals, and community members, who are united by a view that aging is an opportunity, not a disease.
This conference supports the dissemination of diverse topics, such as biopsychosocial aging research, age-friendly product innovation, evidence-based practice and education models, and social service delivery.

Click here to learn how you can benefit from the exposure, networking, and idea generating that the conference provides presenters and attendees.


Optimal Aging Lecture Series

This series aims to highlight engaging and informative developments and services related to the field of aging. As with all of our programming, this Lecture Series is transdisciplinary, covering a wide variety of topics and disciplines including biomedical, physiology, legal, social work, international issues, business and more. This event is held in partnership with the UofL Alumni Association.

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